Chunky Glitter Mix Bundle - High Lash Darling

Chunky Glitter Mix Bundle

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Each color will include a variety of fine, ultrafine, small, and chunky mixes. 

Add some glitz and glamour to your look with our fabulous custom makeup glitter. The perfect glitter to add the perfect sparkle to your life. 

Tell me more: 

• Our glitter can be easily applied using our multi-purpose vegan lash adhesive for an easy and comfortable application. Apply with your fingertips or use a flat makeup brush. 

•Our glitters can be sprinkled into glues, aloe vera gel and fixing gels for use on face, eye area, skin, and body. 

• To remove use a oil based remover (Clinique Take The Day Off) and wipe off with a makeup wipe. 


Product Information: 


Vegan Friendly


Skin Safe 

5 grams

Color: Gold 

High Lash Darling is 100% cruelty-free.