About Us

The world of High Lash Darling exists to fuel your fantasies, boost your confidence and explore your inner and outer beauty. Our stunning, luxe 3D and 5D mink and faux mink lashes are the ultimate form of self-expression. Our mink lashes are made with cruelty-free Siberian mink for a glamorous look and feel that's second to none. Our faux mink lashes are made with the finest synthetic fibers for a luxurious lash that's 100% vegan. All lashes are made with a soft, durable cotton band for all-day comfort!


Founded in 2019 by Aundra Dyke, High Lash Darling is all about expressing your individual beauty just as you are. Whether your vibe is eccentric, elegant, or somewhere in between, the world of High Lash Darling calls you to play, flirt, and explore! Be whoever you want to be.