The Darling Behind HLD





Hey there! I'm Aundra Van Dyke, Owner/Founder of High Lash Darling LLC located in Harlem, New York. I'm a full-time mom, wife, and lover of all things beauty. I was born and raised on the beautiful island of Kingston, Jamaica. 


I've always had a strong passion for beauty. I created High Lash Darling as a side-hustle in the Spring of 2019 while working full-time at a restaurant. When the pandemic hit in March 2020 it literally forced me into e-commerce. I had to tap into my cretaive side and that's when my love for makeup was born. 


I took several online makeup classes and began providing makeup services part-time. Today, I'm proud to say I am a full-time makeup artist. I view makeup as an artform, treating each makeup application as unique as my clients themselves. 


For me, wearing lashes is a way to express my beauty and compliment my features. I love how I feel when wearing lashes. I also love how I feel when I'm not wearing lashes lol. I wanted a false lash that not only looked great on, but felt gooooood and was easy to apply! 


I've designed styles for everyone, from natural to super full. At High Lash Darling we're all about giving you the highest quality. Our lashes were created with you in mind. HLD embodies real ness and luxury. I created High Lash Darling to end your search for the right lash and provide glam and comfort in one pair – because beauty can and should have both. 


HLD represents authentic individuals, who are true to themselves, who are striving to be their best, and who understands that beauty comes from within. HLD is all about expressing your individual beauty just as you are. Whether your vibe is eccentric, elegant, or somewhere in between, the world of High Lash Darling calls you to play, flirt, and explore! Be whoever you want to be. Lashes dont make you beautiful. They way how YOU wear those lashes, is what makes you beautiful. And that's CONFIDENCE!


While you Find Your Vibe, remember: 

This is your glam. Your expression. Your rules. Your beauty matters!